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If you're looking for top-name brands at rock-bottom prices, you've come to the wrong site. We're just here to entertain.

ALLCAPS is our way of bringing our ideas to life and spewing them all over the internet. We deal in film and animation, games and music and stories and t-shirts - all in the name of amusement. Mostly our own amusement. But especially yours! After all, making a scene is so much more fun with an audience.

We do it all for you. Why? Because you're awesome. (And so are we.)


Brandi Linn // Dec 13

But we're not really done yet. If you look around, you'll notice that there's still a lot missing, and some stuff not displaying quite right yet.

We're working on it though, and as you can no doubt tell from what we've already got, it's gonna be awesome.

Brandi Linn // Dec 6

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